The Cigarrette Counter

The Cigarrette Counter is one of the most stupid gadgets I’ve found in the net.

The Cigarrette CounterHis function is just to count how many cigarrettes are inside the box. But the worst is that you have to push the button to decrease the counter!!!

But I think it was not developed in this way. I suppose they want to make a gadget that helps you when you try to put a limit. For example: If you want to smoke only 12 cigarrettes a day, you insert 12 in the counter, and don’t mind if you have 15 on 3 cigarrettes, you will know how many cigarrettes you can smoke during that day.

In their website you can find more information about this gadget, and the price: 5$ plus shipping. For me, it would be the worst spent money in my life… but I will not buy it anyway… It’s 1 year an 3 months I stopped smoking…