Bye Bye English

After almost 2 years of blog (one year in this last “WordPress” format), I will say goodbye to English.

The reason that I start writing this blog in english was simple. I started it when I was in Sweden (2003) in Erasmus. I would like to create a way to get in touch with my Catalan friends as well my Erasmus friends, so I decide for english because all of them could understand it.

After 2 years, I was trying to continue this blog in english for my Erasmus friends, but I’ve realised that all my friends know about me directly, not using this blog. And if they want to know anything about me, they can contact me by email and ask it.

Now, I want to go on with this blog I started, but as you can read, the purpose now is completly different, so from now on, I will write it in my mother tongue, Catalan.

Apart of this, this is another way to help Catalan to be in internet in this globalized world that we are in. Catalan is a minoritary language spoken only for 6.000.000 people and with a big presure from Spanish, so I think it could be my little apportation to Catalan.

The very next post will be in catalan. Thanks a lot to everyone, and if you want to understand any of my posts, please ask it on the “Comments” section and I will translate for you.

Bye bye english.