23rd July: Kill Bill volume 2 at cinemas

At last, after months waiting for it, it’s only 4 days for the preview of Kill Bill volume 2 in Spain.

Kill Bill

Now, there is only one thing to do… wait until friday.


Are you brave enough to enter??

100% effectiveness

2 matches, 2 victories (5-4 and 4-3).
This is our marks in the Futbito Cup in Cercle Sabadellès. After finishing the regular leage in 8th position of 16th, we started playing the Cup. I’t only 6 matches but we want to finish the season with the best results ever.
Just give all my support to J.Sala (he has his arm broken now) and A.Coll (who injured his foot) and hope they recover completely soon.
Next week, the third match…