No more cord mess

Sumajin SmartwrapSumajin SmartwrapThis morning I went to the post office to take my Sumajin Smartwraps. I asked for two of them, one red and the other orange. Probably you are wondering what is it used for, and I will explain you. It’s a silicone rubber to organize your iPod, MP3 or discman cords, so you won’t lose your cords inside the bag anymore. It costs $5.00 each and $5.00 more for shipping from Singapore.


My new watch – S+ARCK

This is my new watch.

S+ARCK LED Digital watch

It is made by Fossil and designed by Philippe Starck. This watch is inside the 2005 Fossil collection and together with other designers, complete the rest of the collection.

As you can see in Fossil’s store, this watch can be found in 3 different colors, black (mine), gray and orange. As the LEDs are in orange, I think this one give more contrast when the time is shown.

Philippe Starck (S+ARCK) is a designer that has touched all kind of objects giving them a very personal style. You can visit his own website with all his designs here.


The perfect balance between art and science.


The original ecosphere (Ecosferas®) is fruit of a space exploration of the NASA and is the first ecosystem totally closed; a complete miniature world and integrated self-sufficient in a crystal ball. Easily manageable, an ecosphere is an element of learning that provides interesting information to us about the life in our planet, as well as a sample of the technology for the future exploration of the space.

You can buy an ecosphere here from 97€ (0,5 l. of water in a 10cm diameter sphere with 3-4 shrimps).

Warhol, Lichtenstein, retro inspired personalized pop art I wanted to post this several days ago, but it has been impossible…

Do you like Warhol or Lichtenstein style paints?? I do, and that’s the reason I write about this website. is a website that converts every picture you send them to a pop, retro, Warhol, Lichtenstein, etc… style and send it home in paper. Different sizes and paper types.

You simply email them the image you want to use for the portrait, they check if the quality’s good enough, and they send you back a proof within a week. A month later you get the final artwork.

Now, I must find a good pic to send to them, and hang it up in my living room.

Found via: MoCo Loco