Make Firefox Faster

Today is Firefox day. Reading my friend’s blog, I realized this tweak for Firefox to make it faster reading webpages.

It seems that this news is little bit old, but I will make it notice here because I think it’s really interesting. And in any way, I would like to help Firefox and it’s team by explaining all its pros.

You can read the instruccionts about what you need to change in your Firefox configuration here.


Firefox Bookmarks Synchronizer

I’m using Mozilla Firefox since 3 or 4 months ago. Since that moment, I’ve been looking for an extension that let me share my bookmarks between my desktop and laptop. After looking a lot of time for it, I found the solution.

The solution is “Bookmarks Synchronizer” by Torisugari. This extension allows you to upload an XML file with your firefox bookmarks to an FTP and then, just download, merge and upload them from any Firefox with this extension installed. Just perfect for what I was looking for.

From the moment I start using it, I have all my bookmarks available from any computer, and at the same time, it is a backup of my bookmarks if my computer crashes.