Rellotge MoodiCare

Aquesta setmana m’ha arribat a la meva bústia un producte d’aquells que es podrien considerar prescindibles totalment.

Es tracta del MoodiCare Clock, un rellotge en forma de cub, d’uns 9cm d’aresta de color blanc. Té una pantalla digital força gran per veure bé l’hora i la temperatura. Fins aqui, podria semblar un rellotge estandar, i ho seria si no fós perque el cub es semitranstarent, permetent l’emissió de llum des de l’interior. Això ho fa amb uns leds que porta dins, que emeten transicions de colors per a ambientar l’estança i relaxar.

Va alimentat amb piles botó pel que fa al mecanisme del rellotge, i cuatre piles AAA per a l’efecte lluminós. Per evitar el desgast de piles, porta un cable per conectar aquesta última funcionalitat a un port USB i alimentar-se.

La funció despertador es completament programable, permetent escollir la melodia entre les 8 que té, i configurar el temps de Snooze, es a dir, els minuts que passaràn entre un avís i un altre fins que paris completament el despertador, entre 1 i 60 minuts.

L’aspecte es com aquest:

Comprat a Brando (Honk Kong) per 15$ més 3$ d’enviament.


No more cord mess

Sumajin SmartwrapSumajin SmartwrapThis morning I went to the post office to take my Sumajin Smartwraps. I asked for two of them, one red and the other orange. Probably you are wondering what is it used for, and I will explain you. It’s a silicone rubber to organize your iPod, MP3 or discman cords, so you won’t lose your cords inside the bag anymore. It costs $5.00 each and $5.00 more for shipping from Singapore.


The perfect balance between art and science.


The original ecosphere (Ecosferas®) is fruit of a space exploration of the NASA and is the first ecosystem totally closed; a complete miniature world and integrated self-sufficient in a crystal ball. Easily manageable, an ecosphere is an element of learning that provides interesting information to us about the life in our planet, as well as a sample of the technology for the future exploration of the space.

You can buy an ecosphere here from 97€ (0,5 l. of water in a 10cm diameter sphere with 3-4 shrimps).

The Cigarrette Counter

The Cigarrette Counter is one of the most stupid gadgets I’ve found in the net.

The Cigarrette CounterHis function is just to count how many cigarrettes are inside the box. But the worst is that you have to push the button to decrease the counter!!!

But I think it was not developed in this way. I suppose they want to make a gadget that helps you when you try to put a limit. For example: If you want to smoke only 12 cigarrettes a day, you insert 12 in the counter, and don’t mind if you have 15 on 3 cigarrettes, you will know how many cigarrettes you can smoke during that day.

In their website you can find more information about this gadget, and the price: 5$ plus shipping. For me, it would be the worst spent money in my life… but I will not buy it anyway… It’s 1 year an 3 months I stopped smoking…

My new camera has arrived

At last, after waiting for it during more than one week (9 days), my camera arrived at home. It is the KonicaMinolta DiMAGE Z2.

Here are some features of the camera:
– 10x Mega-zoom (38-380mm coverage) with high-speed autofocus and Super Macro
– 4.0 megapixel imager for images up to 2272 x 1704 pixels
– 1.5-inch color LCD with 113,000 pixels
– 640×480 and 320×240 motion video at 30fps with audio, length limited only by SD card capacity
– World’s first 800×600 SVGA motion video at 15fps with audio
– Automatic noise-reduction for one second or longer exposures
– ISO Sensitivity: Auto, 50, 100, 200, and 400 equivalents

and looks like this…

KonicaMinolta DiMAGE Z2

In a few days I will try to upload some pics so you can see the image quality.