Warhol, Lichtenstein, retro inspired personalized pop art

allPopart.com I wanted to post this several days ago, but it has been impossible…

Do you like Warhol or Lichtenstein style paints?? I do, and that’s the reason I write about this website.

allPopart.com is a website that converts every picture you send them to a pop, retro, Warhol, Lichtenstein, etc… style and send it home in paper. Different sizes and paper types.

You simply email them the image you want to use for the portrait, they check if the quality’s good enough, and they send you back a proof within a week. A month later you get the final artwork.

Now, I must find a good pic to send to them, and hang it up in my living room.

Found via: MoCo Loco


Ronaldinho: FIFA World Player 2004

Ronaldinho Last night, Ronaldinho was chosen as the best football player of 2004 by FIFA.

After 4 years, F.C. Barcelona have another time the best player in his team (Rivaldo 1999) and the brasilian star have became bigger with this announcement.
The list is followed by Thierry Henry and Andrii Shevchenko. The french player got 552 points and the Ukranian got only 253, againt the 620 point of “Ronnie”.

The show was presented by Ian Wright and was located in the Opera of Zurich.

The words that Ronaldinho said in front of the cameras that brougth the imager to more than 120 countries all over the world:

This is a very special moment in my life. I’m very happy for all. I dedicate it to my family, my country and my companions, who helped me to obtain it. It is the most important prize that motivates me to be here other times.

Greetings to C.E.Sabadell

Today has finished the championship for C.E.Sabadell. It’s true, it’s two weeks later than the rest of teams, but as you know, all Sabadell’s supporters like to suffer so we played two more matches to save the category. It has been amazing… Minute 2, Gení­s scored the first one, and it seems to be very easy, but not! Then the Penya Sport scores and the nerves get into my body till minute 42 and 45 when we scored 2 more goals. Final result: 3-1 and C.E.Sabadell saves the season and next year will paly again in Second Division.
I want to greet players, club and supporters for all the work done during this year, and now only lasts enjoying the summer and prepare the next season.
If you want to know a little bit more about this football team: C.E.Sabadell