Hotmail upgrades capacity

After Google with Gmail(1GB) and Yahoo (100MB) is the turn of Microsoft.
MSN Hotmail have announced that the next month (July 2004) they will upgrade all their free e-mail accounts to 250MB.


Group: Elefantes
Date: 30th June
Time: 21:30
Place: Luz de gas (Barcelona)
These are the credentials for the next concert I will attend next week. It is a beneficial concert organized by ARED Foundation (foundation for the reintegration of the women) in its 10th anniversary. The collection of this concert will go completely destined to this association.
This will be my second Elefantes concert. The first one was on February 2002 in Razzmatazz. It was an acoustical concert where they sang for the first time the single of the last album ‘La forma de mover tus manos’ called ‘La niña morena’.
I hope they do the same singing at least one new song of the new album.