Airbus A380 First Flight

Airbus A380Today is a great and a proud day for Europe. The new Airbus A380 has made the first flight. 2 pilots and 4 engineers tested the new aircraft for almost 4 hours.

The Airbus A380 is the biggest passenger aircraft made ever. It can keep almost 800 passengers inside. It’s the main competitor to the Boeing 747 but with double capacity and less fuel consumtion.

It’s expected to start regular flights in the middle 2006, till then, Airbus will make more testing flights with it.

Seen at: Airbus


Text to Speech Project

AT&T is reserching into a Text to Speech project. And now they have an OnLine Demo in several languages (Spanish, English, French, American and German), all of them with two voice version (male and female).

I’ve tryed really strange words and sentences trying to find some mistake, but it was impossible. If you find one, just let me know.

You can try it here.

My new watch – S+ARCK

This is my new watch.

S+ARCK LED Digital watch

It is made by Fossil and designed by Philippe Starck. This watch is inside the 2005 Fossil collection and together with other designers, complete the rest of the collection.

As you can see in Fossil’s store, this watch can be found in 3 different colors, black (mine), gray and orange. As the LEDs are in orange, I think this one give more contrast when the time is shown.

Philippe Starck (S+ARCK) is a designer that has touched all kind of objects giving them a very personal style. You can visit his own website with all his designs here.

Apple Patents iPod Acceleration Detector

According to this article posted yesterday on CNET, Apple has applied for a patent on technology which would allow an iPod (or other device) to detect when it is falling and shut down the hard drive, minimizing the potential damage to drive and data due to impact. How soon this technology will find its way into the iPod, assuming it ever does, is unknown. Considering that IBM has deployed similar technology in its ThinkPads, I wouldn’t be surprised if it appears within the next generation or two.

Found at Gizmodo.