“Allora”! This is the word I’ve heard more during this last week in Italy. It’s meaning… “then”.

I’ve tried to learn a little bit of Italian. It has been difficult but I’ve been able to understand more that I expected. the only problem is that italians speak quite fast, “allora” you can understant a little bit or just get the whole idea.

I’ve found lots os of people! All of them really nice! Roberta, Elisa, Nadia, Vania, Michelle, Mateo, Fabio, etc… These are some of them. I have to be really thankful to them. They have opened their heart and house to me. In special Vania, who let me stay there for some days! Thanks to all!

Soon you will have some pics of the trip.

Ci vidiamo presto!!

P.S.: Michelle!! Have a nice time in Lisbon during your Erasmus! Take care!


Tomorrow I’m leaving to Rome. I’m taking the plane early in the morning from Girona. Two hours and I will be in a middle of italian crowd. I’m a little bit afraid of them, but I know I will be with a good italian friend. Roberta is her name. A friend of mine from Växjö (Sweden) during my Erasmus experience there.
It’s obvious that this blog will be disattended during all the week because I will not lose my italian time surfing. I will have time when I’m back.

Just see you next week. Have a nice weekend.

Yonge Street, the world’s longest street with almost 1,900 km long.
Located in Canada, it starts in Toronto, just in front of Lake Ontario, and goes straight to the north. We were there, but we only walked during 2/3 km from “One Yonge Street” across the crowd. Just a little part of it.
As you can see in this picture, the number is as big as the street.
If you want to know all the history about Yonge Street, you can read it in this web and this other.

Back from Canada

I’m alive. I’m back from Canada and the States. After spending two weeks on holidays in America it’s time to update my weblog, and in a few days my Gallery with all my trip pics.
The trip was as we expected. We could visit all the cities and places planned (Toronto, Ottawa, Montréal, Quebec City, New York City and the Niagra Falls) and we had time to see some covered bridges from the 19th century.
I will explain a little bit more the trip in another post with the pics.
One thing to emphasise on: Canadians are cool!

Canada is waiting

Tomorrow at 9:30 I’m leaving Barcelona on holidays.
Destination: Toronto (Ontario) – Canada.
I will be there during 2 weeks visiting a couple of friends of mine (Jordi and Marc) with a friend of mine called Jordi. The planning is visiting Toronto, the surroundings, The Niagra Falls, New York City, and at last, a route through Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City. I will try to update a little bit my site, but I think it would be difficult, but not impossible.
After that, you will be able to see all my pics taken with my new digital camera.

See you soon… and have a good holidays!