Group: Elefantes
Date: 30th June
Time: 21:30
Place: Luz de gas (Barcelona)
These are the credentials for the next concert I will attend next week. It is a beneficial concert organized by ARED Foundation (foundation for the reintegration of the women) in its 10th anniversary. The collection of this concert will go completely destined to this association.
This will be my second Elefantes concert. The first one was on February 2002 in Razzmatazz. It was an acoustical concert where they sang for the first time the single of the last album ‘La forma de mover tus manos’ called ‘La niña morena’.
I hope they do the same singing at least one new song of the new album.


Elefantes are preparing a new album


As they announce in his website they already have 12 new songs recorded. This are supposed to be included in the new album that they will start recording during next october. They have already decided the title of the new album, but they don’t want to say it… just a little bit more secretism.
As they explain in the news section:

“We are excited with the new songs,
since they reflect the good moment we are going through.
They sound to us fresh, radiating, full of energy.”

Sounds really, really good. I’m anxious to hear it as soon as possible.

File too big for email? Try YouSendIt!

This is the presentation of this new company. allows users to send files which are too big to be attached to your email account.
The method is simple: You enter their web site, fill in the recipient’s email address (can be more than one) and attach the file (maximum size: 1GB!!) and automatically the file is uploaded to the server. Once it has been copied there, the sever send an email to the recipient with the URL of the file, so it can be downloaded with any browser or download manager. The file will be deleted after seven days
Information given by the company, they are moving around 432.000 GB per day.

Old good friends

Some days ago I recived an Instant Message in my MSN Messenger account. It was from a friend of mine who I saw the last time on June (one year ago). He said that he was planning to come to Barcelona for a couple or three days to attend a WebLogic course.
I was really surprised and excited at the same time. Juan Angel is from Albacete, and we met each other for the first time in Växjö (Sweden) where we were studying our Computer Science courses with the Erasmus scholarship (Växjö University). Since that experience, we are really good friends, but as everyone knows… distance is a problem always (in any kind of relationship). In spite of this, I know that we will be always good friends, those friends that never forget each other, those friends that although it takes a long, long time far away, they will always feel that time never went by…
And today I can assure that this is true. We met almost one year later and it seems as time never went by. It seems like we saw yesterday night in his corridor having dinner… We talk for an hour or more (we did not have as much time as we wanted) . He has explained his life in Madrid (he is living ans working there with his girlfriend) and I’ve done the same with mine. Talking and talking and the time went by… It was time to go home and think about it! Remember all the good moments we spent there, all the good friends we made there… And all these will be always in our memories.

Summer Storm!!

Incredible! It was around 5 o’clock this afternoon when it starts raining. It seemed to be a normal storm… but it wasn’t. It was the typical Summer Storm.
Almost 1 hour raining, but it was not only water. Rays…thunders… hail… 1cm ice balls falling into my garden… and the result was like this:
Summer Storm
Updating information: Last info from TV, it was 19 liters in 1 hour.

100% effectiveness

2 matches, 2 victories (5-4 and 4-3).
This is our marks in the Futbito Cup in Cercle Sabadellès. After finishing the regular leage in 8th position of 16th, we started playing the Cup. I’t only 6 matches but we want to finish the season with the best results ever.
Just give all my support to J.Sala (he has his arm broken now) and A.Coll (who injured his foot) and hope they recover completely soon.
Next week, the third match…