Kill Bill Volume 2

At last, after waiting for a long long time, Kill Bill v.2 has a date! July 2nd will be in theaters around Europe (and also in Spain). This is earlier than we expected. We were said that it will be in theaters in September as it happened with the first part. So good news for all Quentin Tarantino fans and for me too!

If you want some more information, just click here.

See you in theaters!


Bigger than Google

Today I’ve been surfing the internet for a while and I found this interesting new.
After the boom caused by Google when they anounced the Gmail (Email with 1GB of storage), another company has developed a new service. AventureMail has anounced his new email with 2GB of capacity.
If you want more information, just click the link above.

Greetings to C.E.Sabadell

Today has finished the championship for C.E.Sabadell. It’s true, it’s two weeks later than the rest of teams, but as you know, all Sabadell’s supporters like to suffer so we played two more matches to save the category. It has been amazing… Minute 2, Gení­s scored the first one, and it seems to be very easy, but not! Then the Penya Sport scores and the nerves get into my body till minute 42 and 45 when we scored 2 more goals. Final result: 3-1 and C.E.Sabadell saves the season and next year will paly again in Second Division.
I want to greet players, club and supporters for all the work done during this year, and now only lasts enjoying the summer and prepare the next season.
If you want to know a little bit more about this football team: C.E.Sabadell

Welcome to my new weblog

Hi all!

This is my new weblog. After losing my previous weblog that I started on February 2003 when I went to Sweden in Erasmus, due to hosting problems, I start this new one in a better hosting, so I hope it will never happen again. And of course, I will back it up more often.

So let’s enjoy together this new stage in my weblog like I will do.